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Start your day off with the dashboard. Quickly view:

  • Client and Debtor concentrations
  • Reserve Ratios
  • Purchase Trends
  • Client and Debtor open balances
  • AR Aging

Your time is valuable.

Use the dashboard to easily determine which areas of your factoring company need your attention. Try the FactorView dashboard!

FactorView is Smart Software

At your fingertips.

Imagine a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips. You have a business to run, and that requires critical data for key decisions.

  • View trends in purchases, dilution, and other important ratios.
  • Compare credit data among your debtor accounts, track credit history, and view credit trends.
  • Manage CSR workload and performance.

At FactorView we realize that timeliness of key data is a central component to running your factoring business successfully.

You need instant access to information that helps determine risk exposure, customer profitability, and even helps detect fraud. FactorView is written for those that demand the right information at the right time. To see how you can spend less time crunching numbers and more time making decisions, try it free today and see how smart FactorView's factoring software really is.

See for yourself.

  • Start a process in the office, and finish it on the road.
  • Access your information on a computer, tablet, or even your smartphone.
  • Debtor and Client reminders allow you to provide tailored customer service, regardless of who is working the account.
  • Coordinate your employees, regardless of their location.

At FactorView, we realize that providing a seamless user experience is critical. Allow us to help you track those small details that make a big difference for your clients.

See how your employees can provide seamless customer service to your clients with FactorView

FactorView software is secure


Whether it's granting specific access to those within the company, or preventing unauthorized access from those outside the company, FactorView is committed to protecting your data.

  • Enjoy SSL technology to keep your data safe. Our 256-bit encryption is the same used by your bank!

We understand the need to keep your information in the proper hands.

See how you can safely and securely run your factoring business with FactorView.

FactorView software is efficient

Work smarter.

  • View Clients and Debtors side-by-side.
  • Send and track Invoice Verifications directly from the system.
  • Upload documents to a single invoice or to a client's general account.
  • Email documents directly from the system.
  • Client portal allows your clients to submit invoices, debtors, and even access key reports 24/7.
  • Automatically chargeback to the reserve, or write off to bad debt at a specified day.
  • Set Fee defaults for each client to make purchasing a snap.
  • Customized Collections Date for debtors. Have invoices appear on your AR call list exactly when they need to.
  • Easily edit purchased invoices, and know that any changes will flow through to your accounting files.
  • Customized Purchase Notes. Always know what your clients and their customers need.
  • Built-in CRM to help track your sales process. Never let a prospect fall through the cracks.

FactorView is designed to automate your processes and keep track of the details so you can focus on the big picture. Be more efficient, and start working smarter with FactorView today.

FactorView software is flexible

You have choices.

  • Unlimited Rebate schedules that can be customized to fit any need.
  • Unlimited Fee types.
  • Purchase an invoice, but wait to set the invoice date until you're ready.
  • Pay clients the full amount due, or pay them a partial amount and save the rest for later.
  • Easily adjust over/short payments to the reserve, or leave the balance open for later.
  • Customize your dashboard settings.

We realize that no two factoring companies are alike. That's why we've designed FactorView to give you the flexibility you've been craving. See how flexible FactorView's factoring software really is.

FactorView software permission controls

In your hands.

  • Unlimited user permission levels allow tailored access to over 60 separate areas within the company.
  • Audit cash receipts and track your efforts.
  • Track users activity and lock accounts, if necessary.
  • Set purchase limits for clients, and credit limits for debtors.
  • Change invoice data without removing historical information. Always keep an audit trail.

Always know what your team is doing.

Clear and concise controls give you the tools you need to lock down sensitive information and keep track of your employee's efforts. With FactorView, you have total control. Try it today.

FactorView best in class support

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