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$ 999/month

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User LicensesNumber for employees or other users with allowed login credentials. 1 5 10
Additional Licenses $75 $75 $75
SetupNo hidden charges to setup your new account. Included Included Included
TrainingDon't ever worry about getting lost.
We're here to help!
Included Included Included
SupportHave a question? Call, email, or submit a request for quick help. Included Included Included
Clients & Debtors AllowedWork with as many clients and debtors as you need. Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
InvoicesEnter as many invoices as you need. Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Client PortalSave time and give your clients 24/7/365 access to all of their valuable information.
Server MaintenanceNever hassle with the costs of owning your own server again!
Daily Data BackupsLet us handle the headache of backing up your critical data.
Email Document LinksHave a large file you need to send to a debtor? Simply send them a link and they can download it directly from FactorView.
Online Invoice VerificationDebtors can sign verifications online, or you can effortlessly track manual verifications with our verification tool.
Ansonia Credit Data IntegrationRun Ansonia reports directly from FactorView, and tie each report to the respective debtor.
FactorsNetwork IntegrationRun FactorsNetwork reports directly from FactorView, and tie each report to the respective debtor. Clients are also able to run reports in the client portal.
HubTran IntegrationInvoices flow seamlessly from HubTran to FactorView for quick review and fast processing.
Custom Client-Debtor SettingsSet Fee Schedules, Discount Rates, Advance Rates, and Trade Discounts in a specific client-debtor relationship.
Action ItemsKeep your team on track and easily monitor invoices that need a little extra attention.
Email Document AttachmentsLet FactorView combine your image files and email them as a single PDF attachment.
Salesperson LoginSave time by allowing your salespersons to view their own reports in real time.
Spreadsheet UploadsUpload a spreadsheet of invoices, and allow your clients to do the same from their portal.
Automatic Client Funding EmailsClients can automatically receive an email notification listing details of each funding. Available
Document Uploads*Upload image files to client profiles, and to each invoice. These can then easily be shared with clients and/or debtors. Available Available Available

*100MB complimentary document storage. All prices subject to change.

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