Client Loans & Client Savings

Do your clients look to you for financial assistance outside the normal factoring relationship?

Whether your clients need a loan, or just need you to set aside funds for future expenses, FactorView gives you this flexibility. Now you can seamlessly integrate the entire process with your current factoring portfolio.

Find out how FactorView can help you gain a better view of your client's portfolio.


How well do you know your clients and debtors?

Do you find yourself researching clients and debtors before setting them up, and then relying on current experiences to determine your level of risk moving forward?

Now you can collaborate in real-time with other factors and share information to help protect your business and the industry as a whole.

Factorview has integrated with Factors Network to help provide our customers with extra tools to help mitigate risk and protect against fraud. Use of the service is completely free, regardless of your level of usage.

Contact us today and see how free credit checks and fraud monitoring tools can help protect your business.

3rd Party Invoices

Easily assign vendor charges to specific clients!

Occasionally you may need to bill your clients for services such as shipping expenses or legal fees.

These charges usually arrive from the vendor on a consolidated invoice, requiring you to manually charge each expense to the appropriate client account. Now you can enter these charges in a single screen and assign the appropriate amounts to each client. FactorView then exports the proper accounting entries, allowing your accountant to pay all 3rd Party Invoices from the same account. Remove all confusion during the payables process, and save your account reps from entering charges one-by-one!

Contact us today and see how FactorView can save you time!

Emailing & Sharing Documents

Simply and securely send documents to anyone!

  • Share any size documents
  • Share any number of documents
  • No more worrying about HUGE email attachments
  • No more worrying about security
  • You're notified when they view your documents

Learn more about emailing and sharing documents inside of the FactorView program and Give it a try today!

Ansonia Credit Data

Order business credit reports and track credit history with FactorView's seamless integration of Ansonia Credit Data.

All the information you need is at your fingertips. Try it today!

All-New Salesperson Commission Tracking

Do you have sales people bringing you business? Multiple salespeople per client, maybe? Ditch the spreadsheets and the headaches!

  • Add multiple Salespeople per Client
  • Commissions earned are held in the Salesperson's account
  • Improved reporting and transparency
  • Pay commissions at any time

Tracking commissions can be a major undertaking, so let FactorView do it for you. Whether you have salespeople, or just want to pay another party based on invoices you buy, we make it easy. Try it today!

Document Imaging

Do you spend too much time waiting for and managing paperwork? Is paperwork slowing your business down?

Now you can easily keep everyone on the same page with built-in document imaging.

Allow your clients to easily attach and upload supporting documentation to any invoice, right from their client portal. No more waiting for days, even weeks, for the right paperwork to reach your office - now you have instant access to those documents, any time!

  • Upload general files for your client to view
  • Invoice documents stay with that invoice throughout the software.
  • Access your documents anytime, from anywhere.

Make sure everyone has the paperwork they need, when they need it! Take a test drive and see for yourself! Try it today!

Automated Invoice Verification

We're excited about this one! We think you will be too!

Never fax or email another invoice verification! With FactorView's automated invoice verification process, send debtors a verification notice directly from the software. They'll approve all invoices online, and you'll receive a notification the moment they complete the process.

You'll always have instant access to Who, What, When, and Where. Detailed records let you know the specific invoices, date, as well as name and IP location of the individual verifying the invoices. Debtors also have the ability to notate comments on individual invoices, or even provide general comments on your clients, as they may occasionally see warning signs in a client before you do. Save time and hassle by automating your verifications with FactorView! See how much time your factoring company can save by automating the invoice verification process.

Communication is Everything

You can now communicate back and forth with your clients using our integrated chat-like feature. Get notified immediately and easily respond back. No more miscommunication. Is an integrated factor/client chat feature important to you?

Client Invoice Submissions

Now allowing clients to submit their own invoices directly from their Client portal. Your clients can even attach documents to each invoice. You then simply accept, or reject the invoices. Try it today!

Client Portal - Debtor Submissions

Allow your clients to easily search for, and request new debtors. FactorView's Debtor Match feature helps prevent duplicate debtors from clogging up your system and confusing clients and employees. Give it a try today!

Built-In CRM
(Customer Relationship Manager)

Keep track of sales leads and process them through your sales-funnel with our integrated CRM. Try FactorView CRM today!

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